Welcome to UOW Moodle

Do you need help?

Learning Platform Services
For self-help resources and to request support for Moodle and other Learning Platform systems, click the Support link located at the top left hand side of any Moodle page. Staff can also access Learning Platform support from the Intranet.

IT Services
For computer, network and communication support, contact IT Support Services.

Getting started
You may find it helpful to have an overview of Moodle features before you access your site. Once you’ve logged into Moodle, click the Support link to access the Support Portal. In the Search text box, type a word to describe what you want to know, for example, Discussions. In the Search return, you will see links to articles that explain the feature and steps for best use.

Which browser should you use?

Recommended browsers
Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and are the recommended browsers for Moodle. Internet Explorer and Safari may not display all of Moodle’s features.

Changing a browser on a UOW managed desktop
Staff are able to install both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on UOW ITS Managed Windows desktops by following the instructions for installing additional programs.